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Wednesday, September 26 2018 @ 12:45 am IST

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Role of physiological saline in the management of patulous eustachean tube


The pharyngeal end of eustachean tube is normally closed. It usually opens temporarily during swallowing and yawning during which time middle ear drainage and pressure equalisation takes place. Abnormalities involving this opening mechanism may lead to middle ear pathologies like otitis media with effusion.

Patulous eustachean tube is a difficult entity to treat. The phenomenon of autophony which is caused by this condition is a difficult entity to treat.

Patients have been driven to sucide because of this problem.

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Is there any link between nasal polyposis and lower airway?

RhinologyEuropean Rhinological society guidelines suggest that Chronic rhinosinusitis without nasal polypi and chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polpi are two different entities

because mechanisms involved are different and hence management also differs.

Gleaning various research papers published in this topic the following generalizations can safely be made.

1. Nasal polyposis affect 2-5% of general population

2. Nasal polyposis is seen in 5% of atopic asthmatics

3. Nasal polyposis is seen in 13% of non atopic asthmatics

4. Course of nasal polyposis in asthmatics are generally severe

5. Aspirin induced asthma has the highest prevalance of nasal polyposis

6. Females with nasal polyposis are more likely to be asthmatics

7. Nasal polyposis in middle age females always indicate aspirin hypersensitivity

8. Presence of nasal polypi in children indicate cystic fibrosis / immunodeficiency

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Microdebrider assisted tonsillectomy has the lowest complication rates


Tonsillectomy is being performed using various techniques which ranges from conventional cold tonsillectomy to the most modern

microdebrider technique. Study conducted in Alexandria managed to compare the complication rates between the various tonsillectomy procedures.

Tonsillectomy procedures compared include the conventional cold instrument tonsillectomy, coablation tonsillectomy, laser tonsillectomy, tonsillectomy

using cautery and microdebrider tonsillectomy.

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Increased incidence of neck pain in the First / Second year college students why?

General NewsIntroduction:

Studies performed by Siriluck Kanchanomai etal have managed to unravel the reasons behind the increasing

incidence of neck pain among first and second year under graduate students. The incidence seems to be

alarmingly high when compared with the control group.

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Consumption of Hot Tea / Coffee reduces risk of nasal colonization of Methicillin resistant staphyloccous aureus


Infections due to Methicllin resistant staphyloccous aureus is the reason for a great number of hospital based

nosocomial infections. Because of their resistance to antibiotics they carry an increased risk of morbidity and mortality.

Studies conducted by Eric M Matheson etal has reported that the incidence of nasal carrier state is very low in persons who consume hot tea / coffee.

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Sonotubometry and its role in assessing the functional integrity of eustachean tube

RhinologySonotubometry is based on the principle that sound when applied to the nasopharyngeal ostium of eustachean tube will be conducted through the eustachean tube into the middle ear when it opens.

This concept was first conceived durning the 19th century. It has undergone lot of changes like introduction of better microphones.

Politzer should be credited for the introduction of sonotubometry for analysis of eustachean tube function.

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Endoscopic assessment of eustachean tube function


The eustachean tube connects the middle ear cavity with atmospheric air. It thus plays an important role in ventilating the middle

ear cavity, clearing the secretions from the middle ear cavity. It also plays a vital role in protecting the middle ear cavity from

the nasopharyneal secretions. Anatomically the proximal third of the eustachean tube is bony in nature and is lined by a thin

layer of respiratory epithelium. This portion of the tube is fixed in its dimensions and does not vary much.

The lateral 2/3 of this tube is cartilageanous. This portion of the eustachan tube is acted upon by

the peritubal muscles, hence its dimensions are variable.

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Vandetanib gets FDA approval for the treatment of advanced Medullary carcinoma thyroid

LaryngologyVandetanib has been approved by FDA for use in patients with advanced Medullary carcinoma thyroid

who are not fit enough to undergo abalative surgical procedures. Vandetanib has its own share of

complications which include:

1. Nausea

2. Elevated blood pressure

3. Headache

4. Loss of appetite

5. Abdominal pain

6. Diarrhoea

7. Skin rashes

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Pediatric Obesity Linked to Otitis Media With effusion

OtologyStudy published in April issue of the Archives of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery. links

childhood obesity to chronic otitis media with effusion. Studies have demonstrated that these

patients in addition to otitis media with effusion also had taste disturbances involving the anterior

third of the tongue. Sensation to sweet and salt were found to be diminished in these children.

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HERMES C. GRILLO Thoracic surgeon unparallel

LaryngologyHermes C Grillo regarded as the father of modern Tracheal surgery Professor of Surgery

Emeritus at Harvard Medical School. He died in an auto mobile accident in October 2006.

Born in 1923 he devised many original tracheal surgical procedures. He also published

close to 350 scientific articles on this subject.