Welcome to drtbalu's Otolaryngology online

Welcome to drtbalu's otolaryngology online

Welcome to Otolaryngology e-resource website.  This site is intended to give study material and tutorials for students.  This is a free site.  The topics are presented under three heads, Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology.  Where ever available multiple choice questions are provided in flash  format.  You are welcome to test your knowledge and understanding of the subject.  I am planning to keep the site updated on a continuing basis.  This is a small contribution I am making to my teachers who have unselfishly transferred their experience and knowledge to me.  It becomes my duty to transfer the same to the succeeding generations.  I feel web is the best tool to do this job. You are welcome to make use of the search feature at the bottom of the page to search the website.
     I am also planning to include interesting case reports and surgical clippings on a continuing basis.  Due to band width constraints the content of this site will keep changing frequently.  To keep abreast I welcome you to visit this site often.  More than anything else I value your suggestions the most.

Suggestions and contributions are welcome.  If you want to add study materials to this site contact me.  The materials given here are the opinion of the author. 

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