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In this page various topics in laryngology will be discussed. All you have to do is to click on the links given to view these topics. Please do visit this page regularly as new topics will be added on a continuing basis.



1. Anatomy of tonsil

2. Ultrastucture of tonsil

3. Immunology

4. Adenoid

5. Infections of Waldayer's ring

6. Quinsy

7. Clinical examination in laryngology

8. Tonsillectomy

9. Tonsillar neoplasm

10. Submucosal fibrosis

11. Papilloma larynx

12. Retropharyngeal abscess

13. Stridor in children

14. Benign vocal fold mucosal disorders

15. Vocal nodule

16. Pyriform fossa

17. Applied anatomy of recurrent laryngeal nerve

18. Anatomy of larynx

19. Physiology of larynx

20. Ludwigs angina

21. Laryngocele

22. Tracheostomy

23. General anesthesia

24. Voice rehabilitation following total laryngectomy

25. Parapharyngeal mass and its management

26. Examination of patients with voice disorders

27. Puberphonia and its management

28. Stuttering and its management

29. Vocal cord paralysis

30. Branchial anamolies

31. Thyroglossal cyst

32. Tracheomalacia

33. Pharyngeal pouches

34. Surgical anatomy of thyroid gland

35. Stages of deglutition

36. Aetiology of Head and Neck cancers

37. Evaluation of thyroid nodule

38. Inflammatory disorders of thyroid gland

39. Eagle's syndrome

40. Salivary gland malignancies

41. Acute laryngitis

42. Laryngeal trauma

43. Malignant tumors of larynx (Downloadable E book PDF format)

44. Hoarseness of voice

45. Hypopharyngeal malignancy (Downloadable E book PDF format)

46. Complications of endotracheal intubation

47. Lemierre syndrome

48. Superior laryngeal nerve paralysis

49. Airway foreign bodies

50. Oesophageal foreign bodies

51. Role of flaps in otolaryngology

52. T.M. joint disorders

53. Role of imaging in salivary gland lesions

54. Classification of neck dissection

55. Caustic injuries to aerodigestive tract

56. Croup

57. Total laryngectomy

58. Air way stenting (Downloadable ebook)

59. Tracheal stenosis and its management (Downloadable ebook)

60. Pseudotumor of sternomastoid muscle 

61. Laryngeal mask airway

62. Eagle's syndrome

63. Torus palatinus

64. Dysontogenic cysts of floor of mouth 

64. Tuberculosis of Tonsil a literature review 

65. Carotid blow out syndrome

66. Chronic parotitis 

67. Congenital Epulis 

68. Laryngomalacia

69. Lingual thyroid and its management

70. Vertical partial laryngectomy an atlas

71. Open conservative partial laryngectomy

72. Burning Mouth Syndrome 

73. Oral Candidiasis 

74. Squamous cell carcicoma diagnostic and management dilemma 

75. Infections of oral cavity and its management new

76. Role of imaging in the diagnosis of parapharyngeal and associated neck space lesions new

77. Mandibular swing approach a step by step guide  new

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