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1. Clinical examination techniques in Otology

2. Ramsay Hunt syndrome

3. B.P.P.V. (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo)

4. Malignant Otitis externa

5. Anatomy of External Auditory canal

6. Physiology of External Auditory canal

7. Acute Suppurative otitis media

8. Eustachean tube

9. Tympanosclerosis

10. Complications of otitis media

11. Tympanic Membrane

12. Impedence audiometry

13. Pinna

14. Anatomy of middle ear

15. Presbyacusis

16. Otitis externa

17. Chronic suppurative otitis media

18. Stapedectomy

19. Otosclerosis

20. Myringoplasty

21. Glomus jugulare

22. Vertigo

23. Examination of vestibular apparatus in children

24. Common insturments used in otolaryngology

25. Mastoidectomy (various types)

26. Pure tone audiometry

27. Congenital anamolies of pinna and external auditory canal

28. BERA (Brain stem evoked response audiometry)

29. Otoacoustic emissions

30. Electrocochleography

31. SISI test

32. Otitis media with effusion

33. Vestibular neuritis

34. Keratosis obturans

35. Retraction pocket of pars tensa of ear drum

36. Myringitis granulosa

37. Perichondritis of pinna

38. Tinnitus

39. Cornelia de Lange syndrome

40. Central auditory dysfunction

41. Pars flaccida retraction pocket classification

42. Impedance matching function of middle ear

43. Approach to a patient with conductive deafness

44. Meniere's disease an overview (Downloadable ebook by the author)

45. Endolymph

46. Pendred syndrome

47. Temporal bone pneumatization

48. Cholesteatoma

49. Anatomy of temporal bone surgeon's perspective (Downloadable e book)

50 Fracture temporal bone and its management

51. Tests of Eustachean tube function

52. Tympanoplasty

53. CSOM (Model casesheet) **

54. Vestibular neuronitis

55. ABLB Test

56. Non organic hearing loss

57. Temporal bone malformations and its managment (Downloadable e book)

58. Exostosis of external auditory canal

59. Physiology of auditory system

60. Middle ear reconstruction surgeries (E Book)

61. Tympanoplasty (E Book)

62. Sudden sensorineural hearing loss

63. Immune mediated inner ear disease 

64. History of mastoidectomy 

65. Middle ear risk index

66. Otophyma

67. Preauricular sinus and its management

68. Gradenigo syndrome 

69. Pseudocyst of Pinna

70. Otalgia  

71. Drugs used in otology and their formulations 

72. Cerebello Pontine angle tumor Otolaryngologist perspective 

73. Vestibular system evaluation in paediatric age group  

74. Development of inner ear and vestibular system 

75. Retrotympanic recesses









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