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This page contains articles describing the recent advances that take place in the field of otolaryngology. Feel free to click the topics below to view the relevent pages.


1. Management of tinnitus using intratympanic medications

2. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

3. Percutaneous tracheostomy

4. Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis current trends

5. Easy way of taking biopsy from hypopharynx

6. Sulcus vocalis current concepts and management

7. Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy

8. Voice rehabilitation following total laryngectomy

9. Endoscopic myringoplasty has it come to stay?

10. Role of imaging in otology

11. Drooling and its management

12. Why myringoplasty fails?

13. BERA (Brain stem evoked response audiometry)

14. COMET surgery

15. Staging protocols for sinusitis

16. Pillar procedure to treat snoaring

17. Recent trends in physiology of nose and paranasal sinuses

18. Recent trends in the management of frontal sinusitis

19. Role of maskers in the management of tinnitus

20. Tinnitus retraining therapy

21. Role of Alprazolam in the management of tinnitus

22. Evaluation methadology of lacrimal and orbital disorders

23. Gamma knife stereotactic radiosurgery in ENT

24. Bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA)

25. Recent nomenclature changes and classification of CSOM

26. Autophony - Recent managment trends

27. Use of stents in laryngotracheal tree

28. Endoscopic Hypophysectomy

29. Endoscopic orbital surgery

30. Integrated surgical approaches to frontal sinus (Downloadable e book)

31. King Kopetzky syndrome

32. Scoring methodology to assess physical well being of chronically ill patients

33. Spasmodic dysphonia current management trends

34. Posterior sinus of middle ear cavity and its surgical importance

35. Laryngopharyngeal reflux

36. Videostrobokymography

37. Late onset laryngomalacia


39. Singing voice handicap index

40 Role of ultrasound in recurrent thyroid disease

41. Role of biofilms in etiopathogenesis of chronic rhinosinusitis

42. Role of imaging in salivary gland disorders

43. Tonsillectomy New Vistas

44. Septal body

45. Woodruff's Plexus revisited

46. Gray's Minithyrotomy

47. Role of Leptin in the pathophysiology of nasal polyposis

48. Tumor biology of head and neck malignancies

49. Recent trends in the management of acute otitis media

50. Endoscopic frontal sinuplasty

51. Role of miniosteoplastic flap in frontal sinus surgery

52. Embryology of inner ear recent trends (downloadable e book)

53. Tumor biology of head and neck tumors

54. Triangular uvulopalatal flap procedure to treat OSA

55. Role of intraoperative imaging in endoscopic skull base surgery

56. Sonotubometry and its role in assessing the functional integrity of eustachean tube

57. Medical management of infantile hemangiomas

58. Blow out fracture of orbit current managment trends

59. Bullard's laryngoscope

60. Nasal stents are they really useful ?

61. Odiosoft rhino

62. Nasal Mucosal congestion index

63. Thyroid nodules Managment dilemma

64. Melkersson Rosenthal syndrome

65. Surgical management of puberphonia recent concepts

66. Anatomical changes that occur in ethmoidal sinuses following ESS

67. Role of Microdebriders in Otolaryngological surgeries

68. Nasal topical therapeutics

69. Avoiding complications in endoscopic skull base surgery

70. Sialendoscopy

71. Coablation tonsillectomy

72. Role of optical diagnostics in early detection of oral mucosal malignancies

73. Modified septoplasty

74. Medialization thyroplasty using Gor-Tex

75. Drainage system of paranasal sinuses a review

76. Fibrous dysplasia of faciomaxillary region case reports and review of literature

77. Versatility of bicoronal flap in head and neck surgeries

78. Lingual thyroid our experience

79. Role of mandibular swing approach in the management of recurrent parapharyngeal tumors

80. BIPP pack a revisit

81. ENT SCHOLAR Volume 1 

82. Endoscopic Otology  (A supplement of JORL)

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